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Cost of a Granite Slabs

The cost of a granite slab options

Remodeling your kitchen with granite slabs needs leads to top improvements

 The beauty of natural granite is incomparable. Its value lies in its capability serving the purpose very well.

It is stiffer than steel. The granite, capable of reflecting like mirror, requires minimum maintenance.

However, Granite can also be luxurious improvements with several options. Some of which can achieve effortlessly as compared to others. They are:

 1)Granite Tile, 2) Modular 3) slab granite.

Though there are advantages and disadvantages of them.

First Option: Tile

 A quick search on internet for Tile will tell prices of it. It is about $3.00 a square foot approximately.  With the help of a soaked saw and superior graded bonding glue, the owner of home can restore their countertops giving granite look. This cost-efficient option has several disadvantages:

  •  There is a Lot of seams, in that cause oils sauces, oils, water and other ingredients of cooking can pass gradually into those seams.  Additionally, the presence of multiple seams spoils the aesthetic application of granite.
  •  Though, tile is the most gainful option, yet the cons might overshadow the advantages.
  •  Finally, know for sure that the tiles have no resale value, never!

Second Option: Modular or In between Granite Tile and Slab granite

The prefabricated modular granites are meant to be fitted in the kitchen already existed. They contain backsplashes, edging and sink cut-outs, and are priced reasonably.

The DIY’er can do the work of installation too by turning modular granite a nice-looking option for the people who are very much conscious about their expenditure.

Here also the major disadvantage is the seams that are not desirable in the environment of the room for cooking meals. The attractiveness of granite also gets damaged for the assembled look or the installation quality. However, it may be the course of direction for the users on financial plan.

Third Option: Slab Granite

It is the least gainful choice, but is in reality, the best kitchen improvement provider.  Slabs of granite are installed by the professionals after cut into desired sizes.

Pricing starts at $40 per square foot approximately. To the real cost, the charges of the edging, back splashing and installation are added. But the result, on the other hand, justifies the expenses. With no seams or next to nothing positioned well is ideal for the environment of kitchen.

The homeowner is not limited by the assembled or manufactured materials. The slab granite can be customized to exact specifications. The aesthetic beauty of the granite itself is exhibited. Even if the decisions of the home owner wish for installation of granite may not be motivated by the resale value, an efficiently granite installed design can put in to the worth of the house when evaluated from standpoint of market.


When planning for installation of granite slab, it is the cost of a granite slab options and other pros and cons that must be your prime concern.

The installation expert knows well how to match the grains of the granite and guides you in the way of proper selection of safety installation of your granite slab without doing any harm to your home.


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