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Crema Bordeaux Granite Slabs

Crema Bordeaux Granite Slabs

 Let’s Know about Crema Boreaux

Crema Bordeaux granite is found in a rock layer mine in Brazil’s Espirito Santo. As the level of production of this species of granite is extremely high, the shades and the veining of the Crema vary in almost on each delivery.

Due to its granite color variation quality, these granite slabs can be matched by cutting and polishing 1-2 slabs to emulate image of both the granite slabs of different granite colors. After keeping them in sequence, steady flow in pattern is followed.

During the process of granite polishing, the natural pits on the surface of granite slabs, if any, are filled with granite epoxy resin. The fissures and granite cracks are also treated with the same way.  This, however, does not have any effect on the toughness, upholding or the attractiveness of the granite slabs.

It is doable for some other more tiny pits can’t be successfully treated with the resin, and to revive throughout the other final stages. Nevertheless, this will never take you away from the general appearance or quality appearance of the granite stone. As a granite natural stone product, it is advocated that this process of sealing is not at all harmful, rather it leads to granite longevity.

The other names of this granite are Imperial Splendor granite  and Cream Chianti Granite.

Other Information of Crema Bordeaux Granite Slabs

Every granite slab of this kind is unique.  But you are to consider certain important things while you esteem the extreme beauty of the product.

 It’s a usual stone, so each of the granite stones of multiple names and colors is different from the others. They are unique in pattern, shade hue and every other way.

 Whether it is monochromatic, mottled, or veined; light brown granite or bold blue granite; affordable granite or budget breaking granite — granite challenges almost all types of casting, and for its durability.

Because of the countless preferences can be out-and-out scary, the granite suppliers with the cooperation of experts at excellent quarries products Granite and Marble— show up granite and its price variables, totaling a number of tips for discovering your ideal granite slab.

Cost capriciousness of the granite

 The use of the granite slabs might lead you pay for more as compared to the quantity you use. Many suppliers charge for the entire granite slab, not considering of how much you need for your use. To cut the waste and save your hard earned money, contact with your granite supplier and designer to choose Crema Bordeaux Granite Slab early and let the slab work for your design necessary for the place you want to install.

Sources of the species of Granite

 Though granite is available in every part of the world, most of the granite is extracted from the mines of India or Brazil. Indian granite slabs, like Madura Gold Slabs, is on average incredibly dense, and is obtainable in larger slabs and very difficult for the movement but is within your means. Brazilian granite is abundant and attractive.

Granite Composition

Not all the granite slabs are truly granite. For countertops, “granite” includes several acid resistant dense stones, and these are ranked seventh or eighth in the Mineral Hardness Scale.

Granite Shopping Tips

The Names of colors of the granite may vary. Nearby quarries, or even other suppliers, might have called the granite with different names for the similar stone. For example, “Giallo,” the name is applied for numerous slabs. But, in reality it is name of Italian yellow or gold granite.


Never judge granite out of your emotion and never get persuaded by the false promises of the manufacturers. Listen to your discretion your only.


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