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Granite Exporters Blog

Cutting of Granite Slabs

Production of granite slabs is not an easy work. It is a rather complex process that needs expensive and heavy materials along with manpower for hours.

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The production of slabs proceeds mining and cutting of the slabs in a definite process.

Let’s see some of the important things about the Slabs:

First: Mining

The Huge masses of granites are quarried out of the earth depository for the definite use of producing granite slabs. The huge masses or chunks are cut out of the deposits of granite. Or, sometimes the chunks are blasted out by using any moderate explosive.

Second: Developing through Prcess

The extracted chunks are then cut into large block. And, it is put in a machine with diamond tipped blade for slicing.

Third: Dimension of the Slabs

The quarried Granite blocks are frequently cut into some common customized sizes like into ¾” or 1 ¼” slabs. Following the tradition the Granite slabs are generally cut into 112″ long/ 65″ wide.

Fourth: Weight

Granite slabs weigh fairly more and so it needs expert handling by the qualified professional. A ¾” slab weighs roughly 13.8 pounds per square foot. Again ¼” slabs weigh approximately 19 pounds for each square foot.

How to select the Granite Slabs

Granite is sure to add beauty to your kitchen. Not only the beautiful kitchen enhances the value of your kitchen but also it can raise the worth of your home.

Though, this trendy countertop choice brings very difficult option. As granite countertops are very much costly, and so it is significant to be convinced prior to your purchase that you are going to buy a completely satisfied product. In no way you should indulge in slackness that leads to wrong choice.

granite slabs

By visiting to a granite warehouse, you can have the chances to choose your own granite slab. As you visit the warehouses, you should remember some few points. Below are some of the few points that are very much important.

Keep in mind that the granite slabs must complement your décor at home. The kitchen cabinets color should match the setting of your home. It is convenient for you to bring home some samples of granite slabs to fix in the cabinets.

Granite Slab Selection 4

You may select the slabs that will go nicely for the color of your kitchen cabinet. While some might wish for matching of the granite slabs to directly match with the kitchen cabinets.

Consider the density during selecting of color of the granite slabs. It is observed that the granites of darker color are denser than the granites of lighter color.

This is particularly important if you are worried about the stains. Because, the denser granite slabs are less stained than the lighter ones. The matter of stains matters if you need to seal your countertops most frequently.

As regards to pattern, no two granites slabs are similar. Each of them is unique. As you select granite slabs, you must think of the different pattern of the stone that will match nicely in your kitchen.

Sometimes you may cut the slabs according the places where you want them to be fitted.



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