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Few Things about Granite Countertops

Now granite countertops have become a popular choice to the homeowners. They are also remodeling their kitchens with granite countertops. But some of the homeowners have few wrong ideas that granite countertops can stand to anything. It is right that granite countertops are durable and they can resist heat, scratches. But they require special care to maintain their shine and beauty.

So, it is necessary to know well about granite before installing the granite countertops in your kitchen countertops. Here are some points about granite from which you can know about granite.


Choose the proper granite slab

When you are choosing granite for your countertop, it is best to pick up the real slab you want. Some of the installers show the consumers small pieces of granite as sample, but when the consumers install the countertops they receive such granite slabs which are quite different from the samples.

For example, there is some granite which have large veins of color in a particular area, but when they purchase granite slabs for their countertops they find that there are small veins which was invisible in the sample. And, the homeowners get disappointed.

Therefore, always pick up that particular slab which you want to install your kitchen. Never take your decision on seeing the granite sample.

Clean your granite surface properly

Clean your granite countertops by using those particular granite cleaners which are neutral pH balanced. It will remain your granite countertops looking fresh and gorgeous. Never make a use of alkaline or acidic cleaners for cleaning your granite countertops. It may harm your granite sealant.

Granite experts never recommend any kind of ammonia based or abrasive domestic cleaners for the granite facades. But some people prefer the dish washing soap for the regular cleaning of their granite countertops. As a result of it, soap residues may build up on their granite countertops and make the granite surface dull and old.

Prevent the stains from your granite surface

Though granite is durable and stain resistant, there are some things which can make stain on its surface. The light shaded granites are prone to get stains. Because, they are more porous than dark shaded granites. Any kind of acidic liquids like lemon or orange juice, vinegar make stains on the granite countertops surface if they are allowed to sit on the granite façade for a long time. If butter and oils are allowed to sit on the granite surface for long period, then it can absorb into the granite surface even you have sealed your granite surface.

Reseal your granite surface in time

After installing the granite countertops, sealing is essential for protecting the granite surface. Usually, a standard sealer lasts about ten years but the sub-standard sealer lasts for short periods. If you are doubtful about the sealant of your granite countertops, then it is better to reseal your granite countertops immediately.


You may appoint a good sealer or you can reseal your granite countertops also. Because it is not too difficult to reseal your granite countertops. You can purchase the granite sealer from a hardware shop and it is available to the home improvement also.

At first, wipe and clean your granite countertops and dry it for twenty four hours. After that, apply the sealer over the granite countertops. Let the sealer to dry. When the dried out, buff the countertops with a clean, soft cloth.

Granite needs proper care and cleaning for enhancing it for a long period. So, know about the granite and then you will be able to handle your granite countertops properly.


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