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Few words about Granite Cleaners

Granite is striking and durable stone which is widely used as countertops and floors in the homes. But sooner or later, it gets dirty. Though granite is easy to clean, but the harsh or abrasive cleaners and some chemical compositions may harm or fade your granite surfaces. So, use those Granite Cleaners which are safe for granite facades and keep the granites looking beautiful.

granite cleaners

Here are some suggestions about the cleaners which are safe for granite surfaces.
What not to use
At first, recognize the unsafe cleaning products and then pick the right one that is safe for granite countertops. Always use a sponge or soft cloth for cleaning the granite surfaces. And stay away from bleach, degreasers, glass cleaners and other products that contain alkalis and acids. Ammonia and acid based cleaners can create scratches on the granite countertops. Powerful Granite Cleaners, which are harsh in nature, may damage or scratch the granite surfaces.
Spray cleaners
There are many cleaners which are particularly prepared for the granite facades. The cleaning products such as Stone Quest, Marbalex5, and Stone Stripper etc. will help to disinfect and clean the granite countertops without making any damage if you use it correctly. Spray the granite cleaner on a soft cleaning towel and rub gently in a round motion to take away the dirt. Never use the cleaners directly on the granite surface.

granite spray cleaners
Soap Cleaning Products
The usual mild dish washing soap is safe to clean the granite countertops. Because, it will not damage the granite surfaces. But if you continue it for a long time, then it will make your countertops dull or discolored.
Though, soap based Granite Cleaners are helpful and secure, but the remains they left behind will ultimately fade the granite. And those remains are impossible to take away even after a through washing. So, keep away from the using of soap-based cleaners totally.
Here are some best granite cleaners which are effective for granite countertops.

 soap clenaers  soap cleaners
Everyday Cleaning products
Take a little warm water in a pot and mix a few drops of mild dishwashing soap in it. If possible, use distilled water instead of tap water. Spray the mixture on the granite countertop and use a soft sponge or cloth to clean the granite countertop.
If there is deep stain mark on the granite countertops, then use hot water instead of warm water. Make a paste which is made of flour and add it to the dish washing soap and hot water. Then clean the deep stain marks with this Granite Cleaners. At last, wash it well with clean water and dry it using a soft clean cloth.

home made cleaner homemade
Deeper Cleaning products
Never make use of acidic, caustic, or abrasive granite cleaners. Always use natural and secure stone cleaners for the deep cleansing of granite surface. You can use ammonia based granite cleaners scarcely because it can dull the granite surface eventually.
Granite countertops are durable. They are hard to burn or scratch. It is easy to maintain the granite countertops. But it can be easily scratched by using of any acid-based Granite Cleaners. All granites are not equal. So, it will be safe to treat them by using mild cleanser.


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