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Geology of Granite Rock

The planet earth possesses the signature rock. Venus, Mercury and mars are rocky planets, but the basalt rocks cover them, like the Earth is covered by the Ocean floor. Of the entire planet, only the Earth has got this granite rock in large quantity.

The basic characteristic of Granite Rock

  • The name of the rock follows from its size. It is made of huge sandstone that is fitted tightly together.
  • Granite most often consists of Feldspar and quartz. It can also be available in other variety. These are made of other accessory minerals. The granites made of feldspar and quartz is generally available in light color-starts from whitish or creamish to pinkish. That light background color is scattered with dark minerals. The most widespread minerals of these kinds are biotitic and hornblende.
  • Most of the Granites are igneous and plutonic. The large number of grains in granite is the mark or proof of its plutonic foundation. The granite rock with similar composition is formed through continuous geological process of metamorphism.

imagesrock 3

The reason behind Granites’ Popularity

The laymen with little practice may call any coarse grained, light colored rock as granite. Even the rock hound people don’t disagree with the ordinary of the common men.

But, according to the professional geologists, granites are termed as Granitoid.The real granites are only a type belongs to this group.

The mineral grains of the Granite rock have turned it very strong by growing tightly together. The quality of hardiness like steel has made it popular to the building contractors to use it for the purpose of construction.

The Formation of Granite

Granite rock is generally found in huge plutons in the continents where the Earth’s coating has been intensely weather-beaten. The granite is toughened gradually at intensely covered place to create such a big mineral grains. Plutons which are smaller than hundred square kilometers in sphere are taken as stocks, and the larger ones are identified as batholiths.

Lavas go off across the planet Earth, but cannot form granite except rhyolite lava It indicates that the granite is formed by the dissolving the continental rocks.

The reasons are responsible for this: one is adding of heat and adding of volatiles that is carbon dioxide or water or both of them.

rock1                           rock 2

What granite means

Granites rock is classified by the professionals in four categories:

I-type (igneous): Formed out of preexisting igneous rocks melting.

S-type (sedimentary): Formed out of melt of sedimentary rocks.

M-type (mantle): Formed by direct evolution in the process of deeper melts

A-type (anorogenic): Is kind of I-type granites that are very subtle.

The overview

On the grandest scale, granite stone represents the manner the continents uphold them.  The minerals in the granitic rocks dissolved into sand and clay and are taken into the sea. The Plate tectonics gives back the materials through the spreading of seafloor and subduction, and then sweep them under the boundaries of the continents. There they are turn back into quartz and feldspar and quartz. These make prepared to rise over again to structure new granite rock depending the time and place of the condition of the area.


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