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Giallo Ornamental Granite

Very few commercial types of granite in the world are as popular as Giallo Ornamental Granite. This is not just a saying but a declaration of a geologist Daniel Pivko.

Giallo granites are classified by origin and color. But, the ornamental type of these granites includes several varieties according to color and origin. Of all the colors, the balmy honey-yellow color and flecks of gray and black are very significant

If you have already decided to use Giallo granite in home or in office, never take it just an installation. Think about the colors matching your house and rooms to create a well thought-out internal design.


giallo 1

The basic information about Giallo Ornamental Granite


  • Original name: Giallo Ornamental
  • Other popular names: Giallo Santo, Amarello Ornamental
  •  Substance: Granite
  • Quarried in : Brazil
  • Prototype: Speckles
  • Colors available: Gold, Brown, Beigh
  • Application: Kitchen and bathroom countertops, floor tiles, fireplace.


Very easy to match with Wall
As the species of Granite includes huge range of color from white to gray and yellow to beige it is very convenient to match the colors with any of your color scheme in the kitchen and bathroom.

For the small kitchen to be appeared charming, and maintain elegance and sophistication you can use yellow Giallo ornamental granite. If you want more romantic or feminine look, go for a cream color for walls.

If you wish to have more modern look, pick heather gray or a cool slate that can match with dark Giallo Ornamental Granite.


The color of your cabinets plays an important role in the whole color system of your kitchen and bathroom. A light honey stain on simple oak cabinets creates a warm, inviting color scheme of warm yellow and beige colors.

For lighter space, pick cabinets in white color that present a contrast to the color of the Giallo ornamental granite floor or countertops. Contrasting or dark cabinets generate a striking appearance.

Pick dark stains of mahogany finishes. The red-toned might look odds with the yellow undertones. Use reflective hardware like brushed nickel or stainless steel to avoid shadow or darkness.

giallo 2           giallo 4


Backsplashes form the space between the edge of the countertops and the wall space. As the backsplash directly get in touch with the granite, picking right color and texture of the granite is imperative.

Giallo ornamental granite is greatly patterned and textured. The color like gray or light brown goes very well with the texture of the granite without distorting the granite’s beauty.   As a surprising choice, pick marked copper tiles that match with the honey yellow color.

Giallo ornamental granite is now the most well-liked granite in present day world. Both in industrialized areas and in the kitchen remodeling the color of this granite is highly appreciable to all.

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Explore more facts, reviews as well as performances about Giallo Ornamental Granite prior to buying. There are lot of installers and manufacturers of granite countertops and also marble vanity tops. Make a right choice after enough considerations.



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