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Granite Colors

As the Latin origin of the word “Granite” suggests it’s coarse-grained like structure of a crystalline rock. The Latin word ‘GRANUM’ suggests this. Granite is a general type of pushy, igneous rock that is granular and phaneritic in surface. It consists mainly of quartz, mica and feldspar.

Granites are found in different colors: right from gray to pink in color, depending on their mineralogy and formation of chemistry. But, color of granite depends largely on the presence of feldspar in the rock. Potassium-rich feldspars are responsible for some of the shades like red or pinkish-tan. But sodium-rich feldspar tends to provide the shade of typically white or gray color of granite.

                               The familiar Granite Colors

Granite’s durability led it to be picked by almost everybody for their construction.  When used as flooring, wall decoration or a tabletop, it adds passion and sensation. Granite contains various mineral substances that give it a diversity of colors.

The most common granite colors are: Rose, Black, Blue, Green, Azul etc.

Here is the specification of each of them:

i.            Rose:

Rose Granite is mostly available in the region of China and Brazil. Inadequacy of this granite makes it exceptionally popular and pricey. Rose-colored granite provides a soft glow to any room. The color is also popular for headstone.

ii.            Black:

Black Granite is mined in moderate abundance from Australia, Sweden, India and South Africa. So, the price of Black Granite is reasonable. The color of this granite is normally given by making variations in the amount of biotite, carbon and hornblende. This granite is simple, brilliant and high-glossy.

iii.            Green:

Green Granite is mined from Norway, South Africa and Brazil. Th color of this granite depends on the presence of the amounts of mica, silicate and chloride. The wide availability of green granites makes the price of it reasonable as compared to other granites.

iv.            Azul:

The Azul granite is spotted with blue, gray, black, white and cream. Azul-colored granite is mined in Spain and Brazil. It is widely available and the colors catch the eyes easily

granite colors

          How to Choose the Right Granite for Your Kitchen?

Granite is extremely durable and very attractive. So, it is the perfect choice for your kitchen. Granite countertops add a wonderful look to any kitchen. When you choose the granite for your kitchen, the first thing for your consideration must be the color. The six base colors of granite are black, white, gold, copper, green, rose and azul.

As kitchen countertop, Black granite is one of the most popular choices. Blue is the leading shade with additional colors of white, gray and black. Azul granite is a popular choice due to the complexity of pattern and color of it.

The color of the granite is an important factor but it should not be the only deciding factor when you choose the right granite for your kitchen. The granite colors of the kitchen wall, floor and cabinet should be taken into consideration at first and then it is the kitchen for which you must choose the right one.

images colors2

Though there is no special rule for choosing the countertop of your kitchen, it might help to ask a few FAQs before you come to final decision.

  • How big is your kitchen?
  • What is the color of the kitchen cabinets?
  • How much natural light does the kitchen get?
  • What is the color of the walls of the kitchen?
  • How is the kitchen flooring?
  • Does the granite countertop go with the hardware of kitchen?
  • In case you sell your dwelling, will countertops’ color be preferred by the purchasers?

If your kitchen is well-lighted and airy, there are countless choices. But, if it is not, the dark-colored countertops tend to make dark kitchens look gloomy while light-colored countertops turn your kitchen spacious.


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