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Granite Pavers

Granite belongs to normal stone and it is famous for its outstanding strength and permanence. Usually, the thick, flat tiles which are made of granite are called ‘pavers’. Granite pavers are generally installed by the sides of pools, on the walkways or driveways. Granite Pavers usually survive for decades without any kind of continuance. Sometimes, it requires minimum maintenance.

granite pavers  granite paver

Cleaning methods of Granite Pavers

Granite pavers can turn an average sideway into nice granite slab walkway. But the granite pavers can be dirty and blemished due to withstand and wear. So, cleaning is necessary to take care of the granite pavers. But you can save the charge of the professional, if you clean yourself. You may hang on the following steps.

  • Cut down and clean away the grass and plants near the edge of the Granite pavers.
  • Now take a little amount of the paver cleaner to a small area along the border of a paver. Let it to sit for two minutes and then wash it away with a soft rag.  If you see that it has cleaned properly, then the application of this paver cleaner will be good for the entire surface.
  • There are some paver cleaners which are more powerful than the other cleaners and it make stains on the Granite Pavers. So, it is better to purchase the cleaner from stone, granite and cement cleaner’s section at any home store. These cleaners contain chemicals. So, at the time of using cleaners, put on spectacles and rubber gloves while using.

cleaning of granite cleaning

  • Wash the total paver surface, with a hosepipe to get it wet. Sweep away any remains with a broom.
  • Then apply the paver cleaner over the total paver surface with a paint roller. Set aside it to absorb for five minutes.
  • After five minutes, wash away thoroughly the paver cleaner from the paver surface. And then dry in air the paver surface completely.
  • Submit an application of a coat of stone sealer or cement over the entire surface with a fresh paint roller. Let it to dry for 24 hours before and don’t walk on it. Cement and stone sealers are available at any home store and it is applicable for the cement or rock surfaces.

The recommended thickness for granite pavers

There is a lot of variety of thickness of Granite Pavers. It is found from less than half of an inch to over three inches thick procedure. The minimum thick pavers are typically used for even surfaces. And the thicker pavers are applicable in uneven territories.

There are different recommended procedures for installing granite pavers according to their thickness. It is better to follow the procedures for avoiding cracking and replacing for a long time. Here is an example of the procedure for installing a thick granite paver.

granite pavers 4

  • The thickness of the biggest size of pavers is naturally ranges from 1″ to 4″. These pavers are usually used as one large slab, such as to make terrace or footsteps
  • The installation process for thick pavers are generally used as a large slab, for instance to make a step or terrace. The thick pavers are to be fixed on 2-3 inches gravel layer, a 2-3 inch layer of sand. And then place the granite paver on the top of the sand. Sand is used between the Granite Pavers for stability.

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