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Interested in becoming an exclusive Kanha Granite distributor?

Contact us! We will be glad to offer you all the information needed to make a decision.  Granite Product samples and transport cost figures are available at your request.

 At Kanha Granite, our goal is to build long lasting business partnerships with overseas distributors worldwide.
We are focused on formulating and controlling top quality products while supporting and helping our distributors grow their businesses. We hope that you will join us in a long term and profitable Kanha Granite  distribution territory.

We offer distributorships around the world and welcome genuine inquiries. We need the following information from you before we will consider any distributorship:

  1. Your complete business profile, including details about your years in the stone, marble and granite business.
  2. Your area of operation.
  3. The type of granite products you have handled, your products of interest and their projected sales.
  4. Your payment terms and details regarding the security of payments.
  5. Your plant or factory details, your annual turnover, details about your management staff etc.
  6. Your quality control specification and any other support you require.
  7. Any other requirements such as exclusivity.

Please send us the above details and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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