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Granite Stone Flooring

Granite is an amazing normal stone. It is one of the extreme hard-wearing and resilient of all flooring marbles. We find the granite in different colors and qualities. Granite Stone is the perfect creation for interior and exterior use.

The polished granite carries a nice and glossy gaze. So, it is ideal choice for home, office and commercial purpose for Granite stone flooring Granite is durable and calls for a low maintenance. Therefore, it can be widely used in highly-traffic regions and in commercial appliances.

There are various qualities and colors of granite. So, the homeowners can afford it according to their economic stability. Granite stone is resistant to scratch and stain. So, you may use the granite stone for your kitchen countertops, sinks, bathroom vanity tops besides in flooring and cladding the walls. The glossy shine of polished granite stone adds   gorgeousness in your interior decoration.

flooring 2flooring 1

                  Uses of Granite Stone in flooring

Flooring means the covering of floor. It can be in various procedures but in recent, granite stone flooring is extensively using as flooring material. Because, granite is available, affordable to the users. They can pick up different colors and shapes of granite as their preference and requirement.

Not only in domestic purpose, it is broadly used in offices and in commercial aspect also. For instance, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, auditorium etc. Polished granite stones make a noble garb of total surroundings.

                  How do you look out of Granite Stone Floor  

Granite stone flooring has an enhanced beauty. Though granite is rough, it is delicate also. But can be look glossy ad shiny if you take care of it properly. So, it is essential to follow up some advices.

The exterior part of the granite floor is hard. Due to its hardness, scratch can be created easily. Therefore, you must be careful to drag away any type of container or furniture from one place to another place. Use pads under the furniture or coaster at the bottom of the container.

Take off shoes when you are under your own steam across the granite stone floor. The dirt or sand may create scratch or stain on the stone surface. You may use large mattress on the floor to avoid the dirt or sands.

If something spills down on the granite stone flooring, clean it as soon as possible. It may create a deep ugly mark on the surface of your floor. Wipe off the spill with warm water and mild soap. Then dry it with soft cotton.

Regular dusting and cleaning is indispensable to hold up the glossy appearance of the granite floor. You can do it by using the vacuum cleaner but be careful that the attachment of the vacuum cleaner can create scratch on your granite floor.

             flooring 3            flooring 4


                      How do you repair the scratches of your granite floor?

If any type of scratches is found on the surface of the granite stone flooring, you should take step to get rid of the difficulty. Because, the scratches will bring a dull look to your granite floor.

At first, take the normal range of shining pads. Then, rub the scratchy area. Fix it with the help of spinning sander. After the polish the granite turns smooth and flexible.

Next, take a fine pad and stroke the exterior part of the granite stone flooring to bring softness. Move the sander in the same process.

At last, for the glossy look, polish the specific area with buffing cushion to bring a glossy look.





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