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Granite Stone in India

Granite Stone in India

According to Indian History, we come to know that India was well-developed in stone industry long time ago. Because India owned a large amount of dimensional stones including granite, limestone, marbles, sandstone, slate and quartz etc.

The Indian stone industry flourished in the production and manufacturing of blocks, structural slabs etc. They had been fine-tuned and ready to be fixed as  granite tiles, granite monuments, granite sculptures, granite  rocks, curbs, cobbles, granite gravestones and landscape garden stones. These industries generally built up in south India, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Tradition of Granites

There are various shades of granite which we find in India. It’s about 200 shades that are available at present. As per record in 2005, a granite stockpile in India was 37,426 million cubic meters, and India ranked fifth in export of refined product. The resources are found in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Uses of Granite

The hard, crystalline-based granite rocks are used in various kinds of purposes like:

  •  To built-up big building, monuments etc.
  •  As granite gravestones and granite memorials
  •  granite work surface and granite  office set up
  •  granite Office setup
  •  Halls for public gathering
  •  Laying granite  floors
  •  Making granite  table tops
  •  As granite  curling stones

Why granite is popular in interior decoration?

Granite is widely used in kitchen countertops and in flooring. Because it is a hard stone and easy to clean. It works as heat resistant and water resistant also. It makes an assertion in both traditional and modern kitchen. As a bonus, the astonishing color variety improves the value.

  •  Granite is also used as bath vanity tops as well as kitchen counter tops. It is so easy to clean and it can shine and function just as well in master bath. A granite bath vanity top gives a good look even a small bathroom.
  •  The traditional pedestal sinks or modern-angular basins which are made by granite also shine and glitter just like a countertop
  •  Granite backsplashes create a barrier between your wall and water. It gives   visual look and also save your time and money.
  •  An ordinary fireplace may turn to an attractive centerpiece in your living room by using granite in crafting the fireplace.
  • Ø Granite mosaics can be used on the floor and wall, in the entryway or even on the shower or pool floor.

The quality of granite stones in India.

Indian granite stones have various qualities which makes it a popular material in using homes, architectures, landscapes, sculptures etc.

Indian granites are strong, attractive and durable. These characteristics make it an ideal material in making buildings, sculptures etc. The composition of Indian granite stones allows giving any desirable shapes. Granite is available in multi-colors; so that it is used in homes to make it color. So, granite is preferable in interior and exterior designing for its extraordinary quality, good appearance and easiness to clean.

Uses of granite in sculpture and architecture.

In India, the first temple which is completely built of granite is in Tanjore. In the 11th century AD, Rajaraja Chola Dynasty in South India built the temple. Many large temples in Southern India are made of granite. These structures contain a large amount of granite. The Great Pyramid of Giza is comparable to it.

Granite rock-climbing is very popular. So, many of the artificial rock climbing walls are found in gyms and theme parks which look and feel like granite stone


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