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Granite Vanity Top

Granite vanity tops are resilient and very nice to look. It is also used as underneath sink, and this is its additional advantage. If you set up a Granite Vanity Top on a vanity cabinet, it will offer a clean, modern look to your bathroom. It is available in different designs, colors, finishes and textures. So, you can get the touch of the style to any kind of bathroom decoration.

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Cleaning of granite vanity top

Though granite is a natural stone and it is extreme hard, it can be discolored and stained. Because granite is porous by nature. So, regular cleaning is essential to avoid such incidence and you should build up a continuance schedule using exact granite –friendly goods and methods that will keep your Granite Vanity Top looking perfect for the lifelong of the stone. You may pursue the following methods.

  • Always keep clean the granite top .If there   is any spills, remove it at once. Clean them with sponge or soft rag.
  • Use a fresh microfiber cloth for dusting the Granite Vanity Top daily. Wipe off the façade of the vanity top with the soft cloth in back to forth motion to clean up any kind of marks of dust.
  • Wash out the surface after cleaning the spill or dirt. Use soap free and pH neutral cleanser which is formulated for use with natural stone.  Mix up the cleanser with the same amount of water before use. Wet the clean cloth with the cleanser and wipe down the granite surface to remove the marks of the spills or any dirt. Then take a dry sponge and dip it into the clean water and mop down the granite top. Now let the surface dry.
  • Clean the mirror which is placed over the Granite Vanity Top at the same time. To clean the mirror. You may apply   the same method of cleaning the vanity top.
  • Put down a little amount of granite polish over the granite surface. Spread the granite polish over the vanity top with a soft rag. Rub down the granite polish on the granite surface in a circular motion.  Let the polish dry and wait until it turn to haze, then burnish the polish away with another clean rag. Rub down it in a circular motion when you are burnishing the granite surface to achieve a shiny look.

vanity top


Caring of granite vanity top

If you want to keep your Granite Vanity Top looking as grand as the day of its installation, there are various ways by which you can take care for your granite. Proper care will help to keep your granite well for a long period.

Keep your granite clean:  The most important work to keep your granite well is cleaning. Always clean your granite surface. Because, any kind of spills may create stains on the granite surface.  Clean your Granite Vanity Top regularly with mild soap, fresh water and soft cloth. You may use razor blade to pick up any kind of sticky stain.

Keep away granite destroying liquids:  Never use any kind of acidic cleaner. Don’t pour down any kind of fruit juice or organic fluids on the granite surface. Because, these liquids may make stains on the granite surface.

Keep continue the sealing:  Seal your Granite Vanity Top countertops once in a year. It will help to keep well your granite for a long time.



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