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Imperial White Granite

No doubt, white is the symbol of purity. Additionally, the color comforts and catches the eyes at the same time. Imperial White Granite is beautiful granite which embellishes your premises beyond any explanation.

This granite is also known as Imperial Granite White also. Kashmir White, White Galaxy, Silver Cloud are the similar stones to Imperial White Granite.

The granite is quarried at Salem in Tamil Nadu, India. It is a fiery rock and it is very hard and durable in quality. So, it is widely used in both domestic and commercial aspects.

White granite 1        white granite 2

Imperial White Granite is used mainly in:

  • Internal wall boards
  • Outdoor structure armor
  • Administrative buildings
  • Health centre or Hospitals
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos
  • Health Spas
  • Winch Panels
  • Water stockade and spring

white granite 4     white granite 3

Imperial White Granite is graze resistant. It gives an inbuilt strength to develop any project. People use it in kitchen as countertops, backsplashes, and floor covering and so on. They may put on the hot pan on the granite countertops without any hesitation for its heat resistance quality.

People may use the granite in furnishing their bathrooms. Polished imperial white granite reflects light from any corners which offers a natural luster in the bathroom.

In office also the white color of this granite creates a soothing, clean and positive atmosphere.

It can be also used in making kitchen mantelpiece, bookshelf, vanity tops, and garden embellishment etc.

Why do people use the Imperial White Granite?

Imperial White Granite is admired all over the world. People like this granite because the price of this granite is low and it demands least continuance. The white color offers an authentic beauty also. Additionally, it is too easy to clear. This is reason that most of the people prefer Imperial White Granite for the interior decoration.

How Imperial White Granite look?

Imperial White Granite has medium grained in texture. White, Cream, Yellow and Gold are the base colors of this granite. Indian Imperial Granite is obtainable in white shade. This particular granite is accessible in honed, flamed, polished and antique finishing.

The ways to clean Imperial White Granite

The white color provides a smart gaze to any kind of furnishings. White granite should be cleaned regularly and more carefully than the other granites as the whiteness of the granite might get easily dirtied. So, a mild cleaning is required for the Imperial White Granite. Application of the traditional cleaning may turn the granite in a colorless form.

ü Moisten soft sponge with sizzling water from a tap.

ü Wipe up the total façade of the granite with the help of the sponge to take away the spots or liquid dirt. After that soak the sponge repeatedly with clean water.

ü Then use a dried up towel to take out all the damp on the white granite surface.

You may use mild liquid granite cleaner once in a week. Because it kills the bacteria and viruses and disinfects your granite.

white granite 6             white granite 5

Some valuable instructions to keep the granite well maintained

  • Ø Do not place any metal item straight on the white granite made countertop. Because it may left oxidize ring mark on your white granite façade.
  • Ø Always use coaster or stands under the hot pans when you will put them on the granite countertops.
  • Ø Wipe out the spills as soon as possible.
  • Ø Seal the white granite to eliminate the stains.

Following the suggestions, will help you to keep the Imperial White Granite glossy in appearance for a long period.





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