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Indian Granite Exports to USA

Export Of Indian Granite to USA

For some years, in the International stone industry India has occupied an advantageous position. It has proved as one of the top suppliers to the wide market of USA. The stone manufacturers of India have successfully worked to boost the charisma of Indian stone salability in the U.S. market. In the US, the broad range of application of stone for the purpose of different projects, mainly commercial and residential, proves the popularity of stone.

CDOS Report of Indian Stone

As reported by CDOS (Centre for Development of Stones) in Jaipur, about 32 million tons of stone are manufactured in India every year. Additionally, the report also declares India to the world’s 3rd largest stone exporter in the world, followed by China and then Italy.

Place of Granite Exports India in USA

As likely, the bulk amount of stone that are exported from Indian states to the U.S. is, no doubt, granite. And maximum number of granite that is being supplied to US is in the form of slab as the popularity of the granite kitchen countertops has been increasing in explosive rate.

It’s not enough. The homeowners in the US prefer Indian granites in different shapes and color.  These granites are being particularized for a wide range of designing bathroom and kitchen. Right from modern sleek furnishings to conventional “Tuscan Kitchens,” in every place, the India granite has occupied the privileged place. Almost all the stone showrooms comprises the Indian granite is the necessary items of their stone collections.

USA Granite Import Rate

 The imports of Indian granite by US increased from $97.26 million in 2010 to a record upward graph of $220.29 million in the following year.  Last year, the figure went down to $204.07 million. The import of granite for the first quarter of 2011 proved to be down by 10% approximately in the next phase of the year.

In spite of the declines to some extent, the use of Indian granite continues to be more than it had been just three years before.


Other Stones from India

While India exports granite and slate to most of the U.S. markets, other added materials that play an important part in the market of America are sandstone, marble and quartzite.

Annual export rate of Indian marble to America has stay close to $10.5 million and $12 million during the last 5 years. Mostly, Indian marbles are used for domestic and simple applications in commercial purposes in the U.S. The most accepted shades are typical white, green and chocolate.

In constructing large projects of architecture, the use of Indian sandstone has been very successful in the U.S. for the precedent few years, chiefly in the Southwestern part of the country. The chief architectural firm houses rely mostly on coffee and oxidized shades of sandstone of Indian made to mirror the neighboring setting of attractive projects in the region of Southwest.

In Arizona, two most current projects have used Indian sandstone are the Tucson Airport, that made use of maximum Rainbow sandstone. Perhaps the maximum outline use of Indian Sandstone in current years can be seen in San Diego, CA builidng their new stadium.



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