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Indian Granite Slabs

Indian Granite Slabs

The best-known igneous rock GRANITE is formed by liquid magma which comes out from the inside of the earth. Gradually, it cools down and from to a solid state. The three main elements of magma are feldspar, mica and quartz. The elements cool down slowly and the contiguous elements of the rock are unified. It is called that granite is one of the hardest rocks. Because, the elements of the rock are created under pressure and cools down slowly.

What is ‘ GRANITE SLAB’?

It is a flat, architectural element which is in rectangular in shape and generally formed in to a single piece or mass.


Different kinds of usage of Indian Granite Slabs:

  • As building materials (To construct building, bridges etc. and paving monuments)
  •  Polished granite slabs are used in countertops, stair treads etc.

The popularity of Indian Granite Slabs

Due to outstanding variety and quality — Indian Granite Slabs are well-recognized all over the world. The finishing and colors of Indian Granite Slabs are appreciable. So, the demand of Indian Granite Slabs is increasing day by day.

Features of Indian Granite Slabs

In India granite is found abundantly in South India. This type of granite contains small grains and it is uniformly distributed on silver flakes on the stone.

They are very smooth, flashy, shiny and glossy. Most of the people like to use this South Indian Granite Slabs in their kitchen.

It can be used in fire- place too as it can resist heat also. For interior decoration also Indian Granite Slabs create an authentic look through its smoothness and glossy nature.

Indian Granite Slabs are also used in the backyard of house and near the garden. It is used a surroundings also. So, the people who are interested to renovate their house can use the finest Indian Stones which give their house an elegant and classy look.

Add beauty to your Home with Indian Granites

Granite exporters can add the bristly surface to this normal Indian granite stone. Granite comprised of about 20% of quartz falls under the class of class of the igneous rock. This construction type of stone is formed out of the harshness of magm discharge from blown up volcanoes.

About the color of Indian granite

There are various types of colors of granite stones. However, the most accepted colors are dark grey and pink.

The Chief traits

The chief trait of most of the natural Indian construction stones are their durability. Granite stones have already been recognized for its sturdiness in face of natural disasters. The most recent granite stones are accepted for the high percentage of mineral present that adds magnificence to their hues.

Granite Overview

For designing counter top, granite tile work is the definitive stones for construction for its polished and smooth exterior that hide its usual strength to endure the scorching heat of fire in the kitchen utensils; it protects every kitchenware fresh and clean even near the stove or oven. A minimum polishing is necessary to remove smear.

The natural luster of Granite countertops safeguards the freshness of your kitchen years after years. For, today’s jam packed house, these granites proves to be quite handy.  (27/9)

Remember the words said by Ansel Adams of America

“No matter how sophisticated you may be, a large granite mountain cannot be denied – it speaks in silence to the very core of your being


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