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How environmentally sound is a Kanha Granites Slab? Kanha Granites is not an company that stands around to perceive how or if law will command measures to watch over and recognize the natural planet. Kanha Granites expects itself to remember distinctive norms as a profoundly reliable natural guide in the stone business in India that uses creative engineering and practical judgement skills to fight wastefulness and ecological apathy. Continuously in front of now is the ideal time and working great inside all statutory lawful consistence, practicality and waste proficiency have turned into an indispensable part of company culture.

  •  All manufacturing plant steel is recycled.
  •  Cement-gravel repercussion from gang-saw processing is repurposed as masonry bricks
  •  Excess and broken sections and granite slabs have discovered a beautifying new life as mosaics and floor pavers with the assistance of another stone stamping and part machine.
  • As water is extremely important resource in India, never to be underestimated, Kanha Granites put intensely into an on location water filtration plant for water reuse.
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