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Kashmir Gold Granite

Kashmir Gold Granite is small grained granite. The main backdrop color of this granite is golden bronze to light yellow and there are standard-sized flakes of maroon mica on the surface of it. Kashmir gold granite has classic patterns that look like a sandy desert.

Kashmir Gold Granite is extreme tough granite and it is very useful as indoor appliances like Flooring, kitchen Countertops, vanity tops, Stair cases etc. This granite is mainly used in making the panels of walls for the interior. It is also used for making the fountains and Water walls.  The quarries of Kashmir gold granite are located in Southern India.

It has many qualities such as durability, weather resistance, and lightweight. These qualities have made the granite more popular to the people.

Kashmir gold granite

Uses of Kashmir Gold Granite in Kitchen

For kitchen tabletops, Kashmir gold granite is an excellent choice. Because it can turn your ordinary kitchen to beautifully modernize kitchen. When you will see the glossy appearance of the fresh kitchen, you will think that your dream has come true.

The blend of yellow, gold, crème and brown colors all over the kitchen, including the newly painted golden yellow walls will show up the striking Kashmir Gold Granite tabletops. Now it has become a tradition to use Kashmir gold granite in kitchen which brings an eye-catching getaway inside your home.

Cleaning of Kashmir Gold Granite Counter tops

The granite surface is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain. The beautiful Kashmir gold granite tabletops of your kitchen require a little extraordinary concern so that its smooth, elegant surface stays perfect for a long period. The instructions below help you. Read and follow and remain free from worry.

  • If you have any spill on the tabletops, then immediately clean up. Never wipe off the spills. Because it may spread the stain.
  • Use a stone soap to clean the granite tabletops. You may get the stone soap at the hardware shop.
  • If there is oily stains over the tabletop like oil, milk or grease etc. then make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and flour. After that, spread the paste over the stain-marks. Then wrap it up with a plastic cover and leave it for near about eight hours. Take away the plastic cover from your Kashmir gold granite tabletops and rub the paste with a soft sponge. The paste will take out stains from the granite surface. Reapply it, if required.

Kashmir gold granite countertop

  • If there are the stains of tea or coffee, then use two or three drops of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. If there is ink-stain then clean it with acetone or nail polish remover.
  • Do not use any harsh cleaners or rough pads to clean your granite tabletops and never use any kind of acidic cleaner like orange or lemon cleaners, vinegar etc.
  • It is essential to dust and clean the granite tabletops regularly. Use dust cloth for dusting your granite tabletops and use brush for taking away the dust from your granite tabletops.

If you follow the above instructions, then your Kashmir gold granite tabletops will continue to show its glossy look for indefinite period.






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