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Lemon Ice Granite

Granite has ranked its position among the building materials due its viability, durability, and color variations. And Lemon Ice granite is one of the acceptable choices across the globe as countertops and flooring.

Description of Lemon Ice granite
Brazil is the originator country of this particular granite. It is the light green shaded granite having a small numbers of streaks surrounding the granite. This granite is less porous and has lemon shaded backdrop.
Lemon Ice granite is very unusual shaded granite with lime green coloration. It is exclusive and expensive granite and it can offer itself with structure and color distinctions.

lemon ice granite   lemon ice granite 2

Characteristics and uses of Lemon Ice granite
This granite comprises great potency and minimum porosity which is required for large applications in building industry. Lemon Ice granites are accessible in different finished surfaces honed, unpolished, polished, thermal and flamed. These granite countertops come in a variety of patterns and textures which bring creativity and versatility to your home.
Lemon Ice granite slabs are attractive, stylish and it adjoins a charming look to any home décor. Installing of Lemon Ice granite countertops brings a refresh look to your kitchen which makes your kitchen’s environment bright and healthy. Because, its name expresses the appearance. These granite countertops add warmth and character to your home with a luxury that cannot be repeated.
Lemon Ice granite has a great demand to the architects due to its bright and refreshing look. Its exclusive and energetic touch makes your office and living room lively. The tough façade of this granite are ideal for floorings of your bathroom and kitchen.

use of lemon ice granite

The products of cleaning granite countertops
If your granite is properly sealed, simple cleaning will keep granite countertop looking shiny and polished for many years.
• It is best to clean the granite countertops with the cleaners which are made particularly for cleaning normal stones. These are usually obtainable from a hardware store or the shops that sell the natural stone. These cleaners are available in liquid form. The cleaners do not contain any kind of alkaline or acid. So, the cleaners will not make scratches on your granite countertops.
• Use a soft, clean rag for applying the liquid cleansers on the granite countertops and then rub down gently.
• Wash out the Lemon Ice countertop thoroughly after cleaning. And dry it with another soft rag.
• If stone soap is not available, you may use mild dishwashing liquid and warm water to clean the granite countertop. Wash away the granite countertop after cleaning. But remember, if you use the dishwashing soap repeatedly as granite cleaner, then it can make the surface of your granite countertops dull and discolored.

granite cleaning 2 granite cleaning

The things not to use for cleaning granite countertops
• Never use ordinary domestic cleaners like glass cleaner, de-greasers or bleach. Because, these cleaners contain harsh chemicals which may harm your granite surface.
• Acidic or alkaline cleaners may damage your granite sealer.
• The ordinary cleaners like vinegar or orange oil, lemon juice are also a type of acidic cleaner and so it should not be applicable.
• Never use the cleaners which contain any kind of harsh powders, like tiles and tub cleaners. These harsh cleaners will create scratches on the granite surface and make it dull also.
Lemon Ice granite is a classy and expensive one which requires appropriate maintenance. The proper techniques of cleaning will keep it shiny and attractive for a long period.


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