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Pearl Blue Granite

Granite is excellent building materials. The pearl blue granite is the rarest of the lot. It tends to have tri dimensional appearance for its unique crystal structures.

Origins of Pearl Blue Granite

Pearl Blue Granite is quarried in Norway. It is appreciated for its silvery, blue color. The stone is distributed throughout the world as tiles or counter top material.

Pearl blue 2

The Uniqueness of the Species 

The name of the stone indicates its blue color. But, actually the granite is more silver or metallic blue color rather than a proper blue color. The composition of large amount of mica, along with quartz gives the stone a pearlescent luster after polishing. The other colors of the surface of the stone are white, gray, blue-gray and black flecks.

Types of Pearl Blue Granite

Pearl Blue Granite can come in different shades depending on the location from where the stone has been quarried. Blue Pearl Granite is one of the brightest and bluest of the stones, and so it is one of the expensive stones.

Marina Pearl and Royal Blue are the variations of Pearl Blue Granite. Royal Blue has a lighter background color and blue crystals in its surface. The Marina Pearl variation is closer to silver and gray in color than blue.

Pearl Blue Granite can vary in color from piece to piece and even within one piece like any other natural stone. Some tiles or slabs may be closer to silver in tone, while others may have more of a blue cast. You can see such a type of pearl Blue Granite which has large sections of black, silver or white concentrated in one area. It is very common to find slabs of Blue Pearl Granite that have large splashes of black quartz on their surface. You can find slabs that are lighter at one end that at another.


Like all granites, Pearl Blue Granite can be honed to make a perfect finish, a matte finish. This process will produce the stone more muffled and give the stone a matte finishing. Honing will show more natural cracks that can be hidden by polishing. The presence of large amount of mica in the stone will lead to more fissures that also can be finished with this process.  Honing also helps to bring out stone’s blue color and give it more sober visual aspect.



Applications of Pearl Blue Granite:

Pearl Blue Granite is very sensational in appearance. It is unyielding also. These characteristics make Pearl Blue Granite ideal for kitchen counter tops, accents islands, bar tops and everyday dining tables.

How to take care of Pearl Blue Granite

Granite is extremely durable, stain resistant and easy to care for. Hot pots and pans won’t damage it. If you use it normally, it would not chip, crack or scratch. Use Cutting Boards when you are slicing bread, meats, or vegetables to protect your knives.

You may dust it with a soft cloth as a routine maintenance and you can spray silicon wax once in a week to clean and enhance the shine. You may apply Silicone impregnator yearly.

Why should you Install Granite

There is lot of reasons for picking granite for your home

  • It Harbors no bacteria
  • It adds beauty
  • it’s very cost effective
  • It resists scratch and burn
  • it’s easy to maintain
  • It’s very hard and long lasting

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