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Pink Granite

Among the few of the unusual granites Pink Granites are the extremely brilliant and vibrant shades. It is comparatively frequent and is commonly found mixed with gray. It is also known as Astra which is originated to Canada. This granite is an expensive one.

The colors of the granite depend on their chemistry and mineralogy. However, Pink Granite is specially defined by the proportions in which its various elements occur.

pink granite 1pink granite rock

The component minerals of Pink Granite Pink

The granites are found in different colors. The color variation of the granites depends on its chemical factor. So, if you want to know which minerals make the granite pink, then it should be examined chemically.

Pink Granite has a striking look which catches the eyes of the people easily.  Some granite is pink colored due to the shadow of orthoclase feldspar. Orthoclase is also known as microcline or alkali.

rocks and minerals of pink granites

The use of Pink Granite

The pink granite is generally used in flooring and countertops in houses. But it is widely used as headstones or gravestones. In ancient Egypt, Pink Granite was used in making the pyramids. The famous Pink Pyramid of Giza is an example of it.

Though the Pink Granite is expensive, many people use it in flooring. Because the soothing color gives an enhance look to your room. It is a warm color. So, you should be more careful to use this granite color in a small and north or west facing room. It may make your room warmer than before.

The Pink Granite is widely used in bathroom. The walls or floor of the bathroom achieve an elegant look due to its striking color. When you select the color of the vanity top, you must select other warm shades pair with pink which makes the bathroom more welcoming and relaxing.

In that case, you may use corn yellow or mustard yellow colored countertops. Use gold or bronze colored metallic taps or showers. Then, the decoration of your bathroom should be appropriate.

pink granite flooring  pink granites countertops


How should you clean the Pink Granite?   

Pink Granite also requires proper cleaning. Because if you properly clean and maintain your granite, it will be helpful to keep it well for a long time. You may follow the methods of cleaning your granite.

v At first, take five gallons of hot water and one ounce of soap without ion. Then mix up them well.

v Apply the mixture on the granite using a sponge. Scrub forcefully to take out all grime and wreckage from the surface of the granite.

v Rub down it resolutely at any calcium dumps on the surface of the pink granite using the cleaning pads without any metallic component and the mixture of the soap.

v Wash the granite surface with clear water to remove all the soap and mop it down with a dry towel.

Secrets of getting the floor accurately clean

It is often found that sometimes Pink Granite floor is not properly cleaned after the floors have been completely swept or vacuumed. Follow the tips to clean it in right way:

  • Take a bucket full of hot water and pour the liquid floor cleaner in it.
  • Dip down the mop in it and squeeze it out.
  • Mop down the floor repeatedly.
  • When you will see that the water of the bucket has become dirty, and then refill the bucket with clean water.

If you want to maintain the glory of a polished Pink Granite floor, it is necessary to carry on its shine. Therefore, you should be alert and active about regular cleaning and maintenance.


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