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Red Granite Facts

Learn some facts about Red Granites

Green, tan or gold-colored granites are almost common. But, the red colored granites are very rare. The rarity of this color of granite has made it pricy. A few affluent people with choice can afford to buy this species of granite.

The Countries of Origin 

The red granite is available in large quantity in Brazil. The next important country that produces largest amount of red granite is India. The other countries that are remarkable for producing granite are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Australia.

 The Red Granite Classification

Many shades of granites like rose, purple, pink or oranges tinges are considered as “red granite.” These stones are called by other names like Verde Fouco or Amazon Blue. This variation in name is due to the presence of mineral in the stone. Stones with more red or pink mineral content are treated as “red.”

Sometimes, red granite is look like another color for the changing mineral content that lies deep within the quarry. Sometimes, when red granite looks as other prominent colors, it might be due to the varying of mineral content in the quarry.

The Minerals that Give rise to Red Granite

The Minerals that are found in the Red Granite are feldspar, quartz, and mica.  These three minerals are found either alone in some proportions or in blending with other minerals to generate stone color. Again all the three minerals, sometimes, are also found in other red granite’s colors, though found very rare.

Familiar Red Granites

The red-colored granites are not available as other types of granite in different hues. But, enough red stones are there to be recognized easily. The red granites that belong to this category are Rojo Guayana, Violetta Red Multicolor, Indian Mahagony Dakota Mahogany and Indian Mahogany. These species of stones are available with the most granite exporters and manufacturers and are frequently available for the ready purchase.

Colors Found Within Red Granites

Some of the red granites contain a derivative color that look as bright as the original red hue. Both Verde Fouco and Kangaroo contain the same quantities of green blended with the red color.  Amazon Blue includes great amount of blue crystals based on red. On the other hand, any red granite like “Bordeaux” is rose-like color in tone blended with black and cream.
There are a number of granites that are chiefly red in color with very little or no other colors mixed. One such as red granites is Red fire or Cinnamon.

Red Aswan Granite

There is bright granite named Red Aswan granite. The presence of black grains is the identified in this category, although further colors like brown and white are also obtainable. Aswan granite is popular for it resilience and strong resistance power. Comparing to other dense types of stone, this species are the heaviest of all.

Where Found

Aswan granite is quarried exclusively at a definite place in Egypt. The granite of the other red colored species found in other places might replicate the Aswan, the true stone is available only in one place, and it is Egypt.

This info may generate perplexity, since other types of stones are also available in Egypt, besides Aswan granite. The fact is that the Egyptians of ancient discovered Aswan granite and showed the way to use it in number of ways.


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