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River White Granite


There are so many colors of granite. But some soothing colors catch the eyes of the people and they widely use it in the décor of their house. River White Granite is one of the most popular colors. This granite has a great crave all over the world.

How does it look?

River White Granite is a soft white salient stone with an elegant finish. This granite is quarried from India and it has little distinctions in its white and gray veining with small dark burgundy speckles. River White Granite is durable granite that is recommended for internal and external development.

river white1

Various uses of River White Granite

Kitchen: Kitchen is the core of a home. It is an area full of activity. So, you must be careful in selection of the color of kitchen. Especially, in a dark and small kitchen the river white granite is the ideal as countertops. The light and bright color of river white granite tops will provide a bight look of your kitchen. This granite has several speckles of colors, so that it may use as inflection in a different places in the kitchen.


Bathroom: River White Granite provides a clean and soothing look. You may use it as the vanity tops, shower floor and floor mat also. The natural brightness of this granite lends a spa-like atmosphere to bathrooms.


Floor: Floor is one of the most important parts of house. It enhances the beauty of your home. So, you must pick up the right granite consciously. River White Granite is the perfect choice for flooring. The brightness and aristocracy of this granite provide an authentic look to your home.

Cleaning of River White Granite

River White Granite has an attractive look. So, it demands extra care. It is very important to clean the granite surface regularly. But you should be very careful about the cleaning. Traditional clean-up goods should never be used to white granite as they can create scratch on the granite. Therefore, if you want to take proper care, you should use a mild cleaner. White Granite must be cleaned more frequently than other granite surfaces because it shows stains easier.

How do you clean the tomato juice from the White Granite surface?

White Granite needs a lot of care, cleaning and maintenance. So, you must be careful about spilling on the granite. The red acidic tomato sauce, for example, slowly gets riveted by the River White Granite and makes stains visible easily on the surface of the granite. To get out of this embarrassing situation go behind the some instructions:

Take a bowl and make a thick paste mixing with talcum powder and hydrogen peroxide. The paste should be liked as peanut butter. Immerse a spatula into the paste and spread it over the area of the tomato sauce stain which has been occurred on the River White Granite surface. Cover the entire stain with the paste about ½ inch thickness.

  1.  At first, wash out the portion of tomato sauce stain has occurred. Wet a soft clean sponge and drop down a little quantity of hydrogen peroxide on the wet sponge.
  2. Put down a plastic cover on the top of the talcum powder paste. Leave the paste on the granite awaiting it dries completely. Let the paste be dried out.
  3.  Take the plastic cover and throw away it. Gently rub the dehydrated paste off your granite surface to take out the paste all along with the tomato stain it drag out of the stone.
  4.  Wet the sponge with clean water and wash off the granite surface. Dry the ti by using a clean and dry towel.
  5.  Your sincere care of the River White Granite countertop regularly will defend the shine and soothing appearance of the granites for a long period.









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