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Royal Cream Granite

Granite has conquered lots of obstacles and has become a popular choice as building materials. Granite is a long lasting material and requires low maintenance. Many homeowners use granite for these qualities. Granites are also available in different colors. is one of the popular choices.

Royal cream granite originates in India. And Indian royal cream granite is also recognized as Royal Granite. This particular granite is available in cream color.

royal cream granite


Description of Royal cream granite

This particular granite is medium in texture. The base colors of Royal cream granite are brown and cream. And there are golden speckles on it. This granite is found in antique, honed, polished and flamed in finish.

Uses of Royal cream granite

There are various uses of Royal cream granite. This granite is widely used in both interior and exterior purposes. Such as:

  • Countertops
  • Vanity tops
  • Flooring Designing
  • Cladding
  • Kitchen shelf
  • Fireplace


The cleaning methods of granite floor

Granite can look nice in a home, but only if it is kept clean. You may tag along the following instructions to keep clean your granite floor. Here are some items which can be used for cleaning your granite floor.

  • Take some warm water into a bucket and pour a few mild dish wash soap in it.
  • Dip down a sponge into that bucket and softly rub the floor with the sponge. You should be careful; otherwise, scratches may occur on the granite floor.  Make it certain that the sponge is totally soaked in the hot foamy water. Because, the foamy water helps to get the maximum cleaning effect.
  • If there is any space between the tiles of Royal cream granite, which is filled with some other filler, then take a toothbrush to clean out the small spaces and the corners. Spend some extra time on those parts of the cleaning where you get stubborn dirt. Do it again, and make sure that the brush is thoroughly drenched in the warm foamy water.
  • After finishing the work of cleaning, take a big sized bath towel. Place it under your feet, and mop down the whole space of the room. This will help to soak up any excess water.

The cleaning methods of Royal cream granite countertop

Make a use of some low-priced and usual products to clean your Royal cream granite countertops. Probably the things are already present in your home.

Though granite has stain resistance power, any kind of spills which are left behind for a long time, can make stains. Especially, any kind of acidic substances like fruit juice may create marks on the surface.

Blend water and vinegar in 3:1 ratio and take the solution in a spray bottle. Use the solution for daily cleaning.  Just spray it on the granite countertop and wash it off with soft, clean cloth.

The nice and gorgeous Royal cream granite adjoins extra beauty and offers an amazing look to your home. You can divide your home in different sections and decorate it with Royal cream granite.




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