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Ruby Red Granite

Natural granite is considered as the back bone of the buildings. And red granites have really become an essential part for most of the people who are looking to create a pleasant distinction between their lives. So, thanks to Ruby Red granites which not only smarten the place but uniformly make stronger it than ever before.

Ruby Red granite is also known as Imperial red granite or new imperial red granite. This granite is very much popular to the countries of South East Asia due to its color. Because, the people of these countries thinks that red is an auspicious color. So, Ruby Red granite is broadly used in Indian homes.

ruby red

Description of Ruby Red granite

The base of Ruby Red granite is pink and resembles like scattered pearls or flowers of red on its base. When Ruby Red granite is installed on the walls or floors, it provides a simple but very pleasant look. It is one of the toughest stone and achieves good shine after polishing. It does not break by scrape nor having any blemish after putting in place and using.

What makes the granites red?

Granites are accessible in a broad range of colors from creams and golds to blacks and greens. There are a lot of shades of granite fall into the red group of color. Presences of various minerals are responsible for the different colors of the granites.

Ruby Red granites have great applications of both feldspar and mica that can equally offer a red color to the granite. Depending on the variation of minerals; the colors of red granite appear in orange, pink or glossy red color.

Uses of Ruby Red granites

It has several uses. This granite is used in residential and commercial purposes. The stylish and attractive look enriches the buildings. It is also distinguished for its exclusive texture.

It’s non-oily, blemish removable and non-absorbent surface offers a silky and glossy finish. Ruby Red granite slabs are famed for their energetic shades, durability, special polish and finish. They seem just striking and embellishing in antique and flamed finish also.

 Maintenance of Ruby Red Granite

Like all other natural stone, Ruby Red granite is porous. And so the stains, scratches, or etches may be occurred if not properly maintained. So, if you want to take care of your granite countertops, use mild detergent or stone cleaners to clean your red granite surface.

You may clean your granites with these components on a regular basis, if your granite is sealed. Whether a stone needs sealing, it will soak up water left on its facade for more than one hour. If the water does not stay over the stone, then the sealing of Ruby Red is not indispensable.

Price of Ruby Red Granite

Ruby Red granites are pricier than some other red granite. But there is a great variation in cost among the different red granites. Stones, that is not so easy to get from the earth. Ruby Red granite is quarried in inadequate amount. So, this granite has a great demand in market. And the price of this granite is so high due to the demand of it.

                            The Overview of the Granite

Like each and every natural stones and granites, Ruby Red granite also differ extensively in price and colors and it needs loving care and maintenance to give it an excellent look for a long period.




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