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Shiva Gold

Shiva Gold granite is one of the preferred choices of the buyers because of its ivory pinkish tone that offers a very comforting and stylish ambiance to any surroundings. It is a fine to medium grained pinkish granite and has legion brown-red veins and spots.

Shiva Gold Granite is found abundantly in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is considered as one of the most popular granite types which can be used at a lot of different places due to its versatility. So, the people with strong visual sense, are looking to renovate their home may use the Shiva Gold. Because, it gives an elegant and classy look in the home atmosphere.

Shiva Gold Granite is also known as Shivkashi Gold, Shivkashy Gold.

Why do people prefer Shiva Gold Granite Tiles?

Shiva Gold Granite tiles have a light background with golden design over it. It is widely accepted for its beauty. This granite tiles are used for beautifying the house and heightening the overall look of the house. They are available in both polished and coarse patterns. So, according to own choice and demand, anybody can choose from the options. Most of the people prefer polished tiles due to its shiny appearance and elegant aspect. The tiles can be used in kitchen, staircases, balconies and bathroom.

ü The countertops made of this granite can be your neighbors envy as it catches the eyes of the visitors at first sight for its attractiveness. The rich golden color of Shiva Gold provides the countertops classy look. Not only that, the tiles also provides heat resistant and scratches free kitchen countertops. The tiles provide you these qualities. So, the hot dishes can directly be placed over these tiles without any kind of hesitation. You can easily wash off the tiles.

ü The tiles can also be used in bathrooms. It can be directly applied on the walls of the bathroom which give them a different and rich look. Because the bathroom also demands attention.

ü These tiles have wide use in offices and other commercial purposes. An office should be professional with all positive vibes. These tiles offer such a look and environment.

ü The slabs of Shiva Gold Granite are extensively used to bring a rich and luxurious appeal to any interior and exterior parts of the structure. These slabs are ideal for use in high traffic areas of the home due to its extreme hardness.

ü If the interiors use it properly, the house can be made worth living with these tiles. The distinct quality and long term durability will entice you with its timeless magic.

ü Remember that everything demands attention. These tiles are not its exception. If you keep continue the regular cleaning, it will help the maintaining the overall look of the house. The people, who want to have classy house with good interiors, should try these tiles also.

How to polish the Shiva Gold Granite to attain and retain the shine

ü Maintain the cleanliness of granite by applying stone polish available in the market. Go through the sticker to make sure the cleaner is specific to granite, and safe to use on the surface of the granite.

ü For a usual granite polish, mix up quarter cup of edible soda with three cups water. Apply, wipe up methodically and shine with a soft cloth.

ü For the other homemade polish, mix a cup of resistant alcohol, three cups of water and some quantities of pH-neutral soap. Like any polish, apply, wipe off and polish with a soft cloth.



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