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South India Granite Colors

South India Granite Tiles

Granite tiles, one of the most exploited stone since ages, have got multiple varieties. For some unique qualities, like solidity, power of heat resistance, free of abrasions, the granites are used for both externally and internally.

 Specialty about South Indian Granite tiles

The specialty of the South Indian Granite is that it requires very low preservation but used more frequently.  These stones are used most often in beautifying the offices, commercial places, and ceremonial houses etc. that need to display uniqueness.  This species of granites has proved to be successful in doing all this.

Variety of South Indian Granite Tiles

The granites of South India are used as polished and rough form in,

Flooring tiles, Wall tiles, Countertop tiles, Backsplash tiles, decorating utilities

You can also choose from the option offered by South Indian Granite tile. These are

  •  Kashmir White Granite,
  •  Lady Dream Granite,
  •   Lavender Blue Granite,
  • Lemon Ice Madurai Gold Granite,
  • Paradiso Granite,
  • Raw Silk Granite,
  • Red Multicolor Granite,
  •  Rose Wood Granite,
  •  Tan Brown Granite,
  • Seaweed Green Granite,
  •  Silver Sparkle Granite,
  •  Siva Gold Granite
  • Steel Gray Granite

And also,

  • Black Galaxy Granite
  • Colombo Juprana Granite,
  • Himalayan Blue Granite,
  • Imperial Gold Granite Granite,
  • Imperial White Granite,
  • Indian Juprana Granite,
  • Ivory Fantasy Granite,
  • Jet Black Granite,

Granite For the Kitchen

The Granite serves the most stylish look and the perfect environment. This chemical resistant South Indian Granite tiles are heat resistant also, and so any hot container can be positioned over them. These can be surely used in the kitchen without worries. They can also be employed in bathrooms close to the heads of the shower.

Granite For the House

As the granites are available in multiple pattern and colors, the interior part of the house can be selected consequently and imaginatively. For a house to be good looking the interiors play a vital role. So, it should be elegantly resolute and chosen. They can also be used for profitable purposes as well. These granite tiles also provide a professional look to the place fitted with tiles.

Granite For the Office

These tiles are also suitable for the office use. The professional look tiles can be used for commercial purposes. Your office will wear an elegant look with these granites.

A desk is an important thing in an office, like countertop in the kitchen. It is the place of function and form. A great deal of function and there will be piles of paper, unattractive cords and a loud lamp. Too much form brings for you a lovely piece of insignificant thing without any place to set or pencil not to mention a laptop.

An office desk is extremely private. There are of different types—from spendy to thrifty they are built following different styles like free standing, built-in, vintage and new.

The South Indian granites should be tried by all the people

In return for their immense benefits offered, South Indian granite tiles demand only regular and proper care. So, if you are thinking to install them in your house, never forget to take high-quality care of these tiles as you will get return also. If correctly exploited these tiles proves to be highly strong and turn your house looking good and stylish. South Indian granite tiles should certainly be tried by all the people as they present the users with multiple patterns and varieties.


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