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The colors of granites go with light colored cabinets

Granite is one of the most stylish and accepted countertop facades available. Its natural potency makes it ideal for using it as kitchen countertops. There are so many colors of granites. So, you can choose any preferable color for your kitchen countertops easily.

In fact, it is a confusing task to choose right color among the various colors of granites when you are building or renovating your kitchen. A large assortment of colors and mixed shades are obtainable which can adjoin your kitchen an entirely special look when paired with the light tone of your cabinets.

If you are have light colored cabinets, then pick up darker shaded granite which should   offer optical contrast to your kitchen.

The colors go with light shaded kitchen countertops

Here are some colors of granites that go with light colored cabinets. Hope, it will help you in bringing an enhance look to your kitchen.

  • Creams or Whites

Light shaded granite is frequently used for small kitchen. Because, the light color reflects light in the region of the kitchen and making it more spacious. You can also use it whether your kitchen cabinets are light in color like Creams and White.

  • Black or gray

Any kind of darker shades like Gray or Black make a bright contrast paired with light shaded kitchen cabinets. Stainless steel kitchen appliances combine well with black or gray granites offering your kitchen a fresh and modern look.

  • Brown

Brown can be attractive choice for any kind of light-shaded kitchen cabinets. It makes an attractive contrast with any kind of light shaded kitchen cabinets. But you should be careful in choosing the brown granite, because the colors of granites, especially the brown granite differs extensively from piece to piece. Therefore, if you want to avoid the clashing, choose a combination of colors that lean toward the independent side of color range, with grayish or muted tones.

  • Dark Green

Dark green is most common in the colors of granites. It is widely used in kitchen as countertops. This dark color goes well with any kind of light shaded kitchen cabinets. Dark green color provides a soothing and home like environment for your kitchen that suits well with family livelihood.

  • Adding more color

The neutral colors enhance a lot of colors of your room and it can become accustomed to changes in adorning system.  Yet, you may favor a bit of additional color in your kitchen countertops.

These colors also add a calm and comforting note. For instance, you may try green or blue in the pattern of granite.

Tips for keep the colors of your granite countertops well

  • Assure that your kitchen cabinetry is well fabricated and has strong framework that is properly joined to the wall. Otherwise, the granite can be cracked if it crashes anyhow.
  •  Always apply high-quality stone sealer to the countertops. It will help to keep well the quality and the colors of granites.
  •  Clean your granite countertop regularly. Wash out any kind of spills at once.
  • Don’t put down hot pan directly on the granite countertops. Always use trivets. Place coasters under any kind of pot. Use cutting boards when you cut down anything.

If you obey the above instructions, the colors of granites will keep its shine for a long period.




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