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The ideas of designing with green granites

There are different colors of granites and green is one of the accepted choices among them. Because, green granites are very stylish as well as eye-catching. Besides, it is extremely hard and has different home designing elements.

Most of the people think about the granites as kitchen countertops. Besides, people may use the green granites to bring natural look in their homes. Granite facades are strong, ornamental, and comparatively low-priced. The fixing of green granite in your house will present yourself as a creative to your neighbors. Therefore, you may think your home designing with green granites.

green granites







Kitchen Countertops and Bathroom vanities

The kitchen countertop is the traditional place for granite. Because it provides a heat-and stain resistant façade and so it is protected from any kind of cutting marks or blemish. In addition to, granite countertops are very easy clean. And these are the main causes for installing granite in the kitchen.

Green granite vanity tops offer a bathroom gorgeous look. The cool, smooth surface of this granite adds a stroke of luxury with a soothing sensation. Besides it, the granite surface does not easily marked by hair dye or scratched by hot curl irons. And it is the perfect choice of designing with green granites to your kitchen and bathroom.

green granites countgettops 3 green granites countertops 3

Tubs or sinks

Tub or sink is one of the ornamental features in your bathroom. So, you should be concerned when you are installing these things in your bathroom. It is better to install granite tubs or sinks instead of porcelain or stainless steel tubs or sinks.  Stainless steel or porcelain sinks may be cracked but granite sinks are long-lasting and affordable also. Therefore, think about for designing with green granite in your bathroom décor. The energetic color of this granite will bring a neat and lively appearance in your bathroom. And granite sinks or bathtubs are also luxurious and add some extra value to your home.

green granite sinks green granites tubs


Granite is often sliced into tile of different sizes from 1×1 inch mosaic tiles to 16×16 inch floor tiles. And it is available in smooth, rough, polished and tumbled finishing. So you can consider of designing with green granites to your home.

The green shaded granite tiles are used in the entry way or in flooring for making the entire space soothing and energetic.  These tiles are also used as kitchen backsplash. If a granite bathing tub is beyond of your price range, then you may think about using granite tiles in the shower area.


Granite worktops or tabletops present the similar advantages as granite countertops. Dining tables and coffee tables give the impression of being more formal and striking with granite tops. You may also consider of designing with green granites to your bedroom vanities for adjoining a luxurious look to the room.

Windowsills or Mantels

Usually, the windowsills and mantels are made of white marble. But now, you may use the green granite to construct the windowsills or mantles replacing the white marbles which will add extra beauty to your room.

mantels      window sills

Miscellaneous Decor

Green granite is used in making amazing lamp base or tabletop sculptures. These creations offer an authentic look to your living room. You may place one or two granite accessories in your room which can make the entire space appearing more organized.

If you implement the above ideas of designing with green granites, you will get a luxurious and authentic look to your home.



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