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The most Popular Granite Colors for Kitchen Countertops

Granite becomes into one of the most appreciated alternatives for countertops in a kitchen. Because at the same time, it is very strong and striking. It is a rock composed of quartz and feldspar. Granites can be cut and polished.

Granite is also available in variety of colors.  There are many popular granite colors and shades and colors from dark to light. The granite palette comes from light colors such as white, sand and gold to dark colors such as green and black. Neutral colors such as light brown, brown and grey tend to be supports that match most of the decors. When prefer a color, look at samples, and compare them to you new or existing décor.

There are some popular granite colors which are more appropriate for kitchen countertops. Such as white, black, red, green and brown.


Though there are a small number of hard white alternatives for the granite countertops, white granite features the most varied secondary color choices on the market. While some granite can favor gray and black bands are not so common in white granite. Due to a popular granite colors, the homeowners must pick up their white granite countertops cautiously for the best admiring comment to the cabinetry and accessories in the kitchen.


You can find many variations in black granite. The impressive and shiny look of this granite is more suitable for modern kitchen. The customers can choose from dark black with only some veins, to more of a different look with bands of white, gray, blue or white. Because, black is one of the popular granite colors black granite countertops will visually predominate a kitchen.


Red granite is usually quarried in Brazil or China. This particular granite has variations like rosy red or burgundy. If the color of your kitchen cabinetry and accessories are light golden, then any shades of red should be the appropriate choice.

Brown or light brown

Brown granite is frequently used in kitchens. Specially, the dark brown is one of the most popular choices for the decoration of the kitchens. Because, this particular color enhances the tiles and cabinetry which are also similar in color. Brown granite can be used widely in a lot of endless decoration or redecoration projects.


The green granite is widely used in traditional or modern kitchens. This color goes equally well with dark or light colored kitchen walls or cabinets. The various brilliant shades of green enhance a bright look to your kitchen.

How to choose granite colors for a kitchen

There are many popular granite colors.  But picking up the right granite color is a tough work, bearing in mind the price of the material. It is a challenge for lots of homeowners to select the proper granite color.  Therefore, consider the each and every factor when you are picking your granite color.

Please, give your attention to the following subjects to pick up the right shade among the popular granites colors for your kitchen.

  • Colors of the floor, walls, cabinets, back splash and appliances of your kitchen.
  • If most of the kitchen is dark, then choose light colored granite. It will brighten your kitchen.

If you are hesitant about the right shade of the popular granite colors, take the help of a friend or recruit a proficient interior decorator.




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