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Volga Blue Granite

Volga Blue Granite is dark colored natural rock. It is coarse-grained granite which is fabricated of mica and quartz in a speckled pattern. The basic colors of Volga Blue Granite are black and grey and it is shaded with flecks of sparkling brilliant blue. This kind of granite originates from the Ukraine and offers an ideal material for kitchens.

volga blue

Why Volga Blue Granite for your kitchen

Volga Blue Granite presents a remarkable sight due to its gallant, brilliant shades and it is a long-lasting material. So, Volga Blue Granite has made a great demand at present moment. And the people are using it widely as kitchen countertops. You may add in this granite in your kitchen backsplash in different ways.

There are some qualities for why you should try Volga Blue Granite as your kitchen backsplash. The qualities are:

 Hard Granite:  Volga Blue Granite is extreme hard stone. So, you can use the slabs of this granite as a backsplash rounding the total countertop including sink and oven area. If the countertops of your kitchen are also made up Volga Blue Granite, then the combination of backsplash and countertops can create a uniform look.

Flashing Granite:  The Volga Blue Granite has a glossy look. So, it goes perfectly with the stainless steel equipments. The combination of two different colors and materials makes a unique appearance.

Distinct Granite: The Volga Blue Granite is one of the most valuable stones. So, if you think about its cost, then you may use white or grey granite as a contrast of countertops and backsplash. These contrasting shades also give an attractive get-up to your kitchen.


The cleaning and caring tips of Volga Blue Granites

Granite can create your home look luxurious and exclusive. New and fresh granite has a brilliant and glossy elegant facade. You can carry on these granite countertops looking new and perfect by caring it and cleaning it in right way.

Cleaning and sealing of Granite

Always keep clean your Volga Blue Granite surface. If there are some spills, clean them as soon as possible. As granite is porous, it soaks the dirt quickly and creates ugly stain mark on the granite surface.

Sealing is important for granite. Seal your granite at least once in a year. It helps to keep your granite well.

Commercial Granite Cleaner

Always use the commercial granite cleaner which is mild and that can remove the stains. Never use any kind of acid cleaners on it. Because it can make scratches on your Volga Blue Granite surface and it can be the cause of the dullness of your granite.

Liquid Dish Wash Soap

You may use liquid dish wash soap with warm water to clean the Volga Blue Granite surface. Rub gently with a soft sponge and wash out thoroughly.

Pastes or Poultice

Apply poultice on the deep stain marks. It is also useful on the old stain marks. Spread the pastes or poultices over the stain marks which have occurred on your granite surface. Now leave the poultice for overnight and then wash out in the next morning. If necessary, reapply the method.

The Volga Blue Granite countertops can be an elegant focal point of the room. So, take care properly it to continue its shine for a long time.



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