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Never Compromise with the Poor Quality Granite Worktop for using in your kitchen: but how?

All Granites are not same. The price is determined by the quality of the granite. If you’re not serious and choosy about buying of granites and buy cheap quality of them for serving the kitchen surface, you may face grave problem.

Poor quality granite may:

  •   easily scratched
  •   heavily pitted
  •   twisted over time
  •   break in installation
  •   break after installation

The price you ready to pay reflects the quality you get and measure the pleasure you will get year after years.

What might you bring forth, if you refuse to spend enough for the granite?  Just attend the following points if you intend buy granites for your kitchen:

  •   Cheaper granites are liable to have more than one or multiple fine hair line crack. These are liable to break easily during the fittings.


  •   The slabs can cut to the desired shape after fitting also if necessary.  Reinstating a slab after the work of fittings is done is a problematic job. The low priced granite may get easily damaged during the work.


  •   A good polished edging per foot length takes approximately an hour labor to perform.  It persists longtime. On the other hand cheaper granites aren’t polished properly. Their shines are given by means of a wax spray that deteriorates quickly.


  •   The rigidity of granite differs, and with soft granites it’s rather uncomplicated to score them with the help of a usual kitchen-knife. Once marked, it remains even after you polish it out. So, before buying request for a mock-up piece to make a trial marking.


  •   There are number of holes all through the Granite even after you polish it.  But, the issue is about the number of holes and their sizes. To examine the pitting, look very closely under the reflection of light. The fewer the pits, the better it is. Higher quality granite contains smaller and fewer holes.


  •   With a reputable wholesale granite slab supplier, you can have absolute faith for buying slabs for your kitchen. Check if the slab is consistently colored in both the end. Else, when they won’t match if you require to join the pieces.


  •   It’s simple and quick to ram two surfaces of granite together and stick them with sealing material. But, over time the sealants remove and the joints looks very odd. Just imagine look of the joints after a few months and then over the years. However, good quality sealant leaves the joints firm forever.     


  •   Be sure that the granite you are dried out properly before you fit it. When the slabs are cut it should be soaked in water to make the saw blades cool. If you use, though it is not suggested, a blowlamp to the cheap granites you will be able to see the concentration that it gets from water. The condensed water seals the two slabs that can be bent like any piece of wood. The joints which remains loose, gets worse. Hence, it is necessary that your granite should be made totally dried out prior to installation.


Warnings: Evaluate the service record of your supplier.  Obtain reference, confirm online for the complaints, and ask for the warranty and their dealings if there is any complaint.


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